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This bronze statue, cast by Gorham's Bronze Division in 1893, gives name to Columbus Square at the intersection of Elmwood and Reservoir Avenues in Providence. It is a replica of silver statue sculpted by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, the sculptor of…



Gorham Awareness Raising Isaza.docx
In what ways have community activists tried to call attention to environmental concerns at the Gorham site?



Mayor Vincent A. ("Buddy") Cianci Jr. and community members at the dedication of Murphy-Trainor Memorial Park. Photographs donated by Liz Camp.

Demographics of Reservoir Triangle.pdf
On the east side of the Pond is Crescent Street neighborhood (bounded by Crescent, Adelaide and Reservoir). How has this residential area changed over time, in terms of demographics (owners/renters; occupations of workers; race/ethnic background of…

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