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Photographs from the Mediator exhibit


Photographs from the reception and opening of "Reservoir of Memories" at the Mediator on December 9, 2011.

Area photographs

Pond and trees resized.jpg

Photographs of the area around Reservoir Triangle, and particular places that were mentioned in the interviews.

Object photographs


Objects of personal significance or connections to the area collected from oral history interviewees.

Research papers

Students researched and wrote assignments on various topics related to Mashapaug Pond, the Gorham Manufacturing Company, and the Reservoir Triangle…

Contributors: Lucy Boltz, Ora Star Boncore, Hannah Burn, Ria Fulton, Adriana Isaza, Lizzy Landau, Jen Lawrence, Chang Lu, Katharine Mead, Araceli Mendez, Aditi Pinto, Julie Pittman, Maria Quintero, Anya Ventura, Anna Wada, Nate Weisenberg, Sarah Yahm

Oral history interviews

A collection of excerpts from oral history interviews conducted by Brown University students in the class Oral History and Community Memory during the…