Demographics of Reservoir Triangle


Demographics of Reservoir Triangle


On the east side of the Pond is Crescent Street neighborhood (bounded by Crescent, Adelaide and Reservoir). How has this residential area changed over time, in terms of demographics (owners/renters; occupations of workers; race/ethnic background of residents).


Anna Wada


After the Gorham Manufacturing Company was built on Adelaide Avenue in 1889, the employees of the company built houses between Reservoir Avenue and Mashapaug Pond. These silversmiths and jewelry specialists created the basis for a residential neighborhood around the factory area. Despite the current vacancy of the Gorham site and its environmental controversies, the area had a relatively high 57% owner occupancy rate in 2000.[1] This paper roughly sketches how the demographics of this residential area changed over time, in terms of the house occupancy, property owners and their occupations, age groups, and race and ethnicity.

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