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Do you have stories of Mashapaug Pond, the Gorham Manufacturing Company, and Providence's Reservoir Triangle and West End? What was there before the industrial park next to Mashapaug Pond? Did you participate in the Tracing Mashapaug project? Join us…

Gorham's later years were marked by increased conflict between employees and management. Scott Molloy, a professor of labor and industrial relations at the University of Rhode Island, grew up in Reservoir Triangle. In this interview excerpt, he…

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Wilbur Jennings, the Councilman for Ward 8 (Elmwood, Reservoir, West End) on the Providence City Council, is a long-time resident of the neighborhoods near Mashapaug Pond. In this excerpt, he shares some of his childhood memories, his thoughts about…

Includes a mold, a brick from the Gorham site, Erik Gould and Erik Carlson's photographs from the abandoned factory, and Gorham tableware.

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Gorham Hollowware Production.pdf
What was the process of creating a Gorham silver tea set in 1910?

Where, in the city of Providence, are objects and papers produced by the Gorham Company? Include libraries, museums, and archival holdings as well as outdoor spaces. Include a map of locations.

Photographs taken by Erik Gould and Erik Carlson.



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