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What is the history of the railroad line that winds along the north and east side of the pond?

When and why was the industrial park built on the northwest edge of the pond? What did it replace?

Jewish Providence Oral 1.docx
Congregation of the Sons of Israel and David Cemetery sits near the Pond, at 460 Reservoir Avenue. Why is it there? What is the Jewish history of the site?

When and why was the Mashapaug Commons plaza built? What did it replace? What businesses have occupied this plaza?

Where, in the city of Providence, are objects and papers produced by the Gorham Company? Include libraries, museums, and archival holdings as well as outdoor spaces. Include a map of locations.

Mashapaug Pond Community Boating Center.docx
What is the history of the community boating center? When and why was it built? How has it been used?

Gorham Manufacturing Plant History.pdf
How did the physical plant of the Gorham Company change over time? When and why did the Gorham manufacturing buildings get demolished?

At the dawn of the twentieth century, the Board of Trade and other boosters of Providence, Rhode Island proclaimed that the city contained the “Five Industrial Wonders of the World” – one of them, the nation’s leading producer of silverware, the…

This statue (also known as "Bruno") stands on the Brown University campus. It was cast by Gorham's Bronze Division in 1923.

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