Interview with Greg Simpson


Interview with Greg Simpson


Greg Simpson, the project manager for Textron Corp. in charge of the cleanup of the former Gorham Manufacturing Company site, discusses the relationship between Textron and the community.


Julie Pittman


Greg Simpson


357 Benefit Street, Providence, RI


Greg Simpson: I would say the relationship has changed, you know like many relationships. There's ups and downs. I think you know, when I first got involved, when I first joined Textron, the site was very quiet.

But when the school went in that's when, you know, at least we sensed that there was this perception out there that Textron and the city, we had to do a better job. And you know, I think you know, those first few meetings that we went to was, I wouldn't say confrontational, but it was, you know, it was a, a little stressful I think for all parties involved because people weren't happy. They were upset. And I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that they didn't understand you know, a lot of the history.

Individuals are not, you know, I would say, you know, ecstatic about Textron, but I think that they can see that you know, when we’re out there, when we say we're gonna do something that you know, we are gonna do it and you know, if they have concerns or if they have questions or suggestions, we’ll listen.

So, I think, you know, there's been you know, a little bit of trust that's been built up over our years of involvement, such that I would say you know, again you know, do these folks love Textron? Probably not. You know, do they hate us? Absolutely not. But you know, we, we work together.



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