The Church of the Nazarene First


The Church of the Nazarene First


What is the history of the Church of the Nazarene First (170 Reservoir Ave)? Is it the only church to occupy this site? What is its role in the neighborhood?


Aditi Pinto


The Church of the Nazarene First is a tiny, red brick building structure on 170 Reservoir Avenue. It is only slightly bigger than most buildings in the area and does not stand out as many churches tend to do. You could walk right by it, distracted by the other structures outside: the new Unisex salon and Reservoir Avenue School with a bold caption by Allen Shawn Feinstein gracing its wall. On a Sunday afternoon, the board outside the Church informs me of the Sunday school at 10 am, morning service at 10:45 am, Fellowship meeting at 4 pm and that the Spanish Service in the evening was cancelled. It was 10:20 am when I arrived and after a friendly introduction to an elderly woman, the pastor led me straight to the basement, where his wife was leading a bible session with four girls around my age.

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