Interview with Kim Hewson


Interview with Kim Hewson


Kim Hewson, community liaison for the Renaissance Church at Mashapaug Commons, reflects on the church’s role in the community surrounding the pond. He comes to the conclusion that the church needs to become more active on issues such as the remediation of the former Gorham factory site.


October 29, 2011


Nate Weisenberg


Kim Hewson


Williams Street, Providence, RI


Kim Hewson: We want to be active in the place where our feet are walking. We need to listen more about what’s happening in terms of this mitigation and development, and I don’t think that people have really been that aware. So that means that certain leaders at our church, yours truly included, are going to have to be more involved in that if we do want to have a voice in this. And I just say that because I think that it would benefit all people involved to see that type of collaboration occur. But most importantly, for the people of Providence. And as we are in Providence, we want to be for Providence. And I’m encouraged by this conversation that we can do that.



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