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At the age of 19, Bill Smith landed a job at the Gorham Manufacturing Company. In his 25 years in Gorham, Mr. Smith witnessed company highs, such as a 60 Minutes special on Gorham, and lows, such turbulent times during a bad economy. Mr. Smith…

At the dawn of the twentieth century, the Board of Trade and other boosters of Providence, Rhode Island proclaimed that the city contained the “Five Industrial Wonders of the World” – one of them, the nation’s leading producer of silverware, the…

Jewish Providence Oral 1.docx
Congregation of the Sons of Israel and David Cemetery sits near the Pond, at 460 Reservoir Avenue. Why is it there? What is the Jewish history of the site?

Gorham's later years were marked by increased conflict between employees and management. Scott Molloy, a professor of labor and industrial relations at the University of Rhode Island, grew up in Reservoir Triangle. In this interview excerpt, he…
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