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Kim Hewson, community liaison for the Renaissance Church at Mashapaug Commons, reflects on the church’s role in the community surrounding the pond. He comes to the conclusion that the church needs to become more active on issues such as the…

Phil Edmonds clip.mp3
Phil Edmonds is a long time resident of South Providence. He lives about a mile away from Mashapaug Pond and has worked with the Urban Pond Procession in organizing workshops in middle schools to raise awareness about the pollution in the pond. He is…

Wilbur Jennings clip 2 min.m4a
Wilbur Jennings, the Councilman for Ward 8 (Elmwood, Reservoir, West End) on the Providence City Council, is a long-time resident of the neighborhoods near Mashapaug Pond. In this excerpt, he shares some of his childhood memories, his thoughts about…

Mashapaug Sick 2.jpg
Im the color of green cartoon faces on bad taco tuesday
Sliver travels up my body and into my throat choking me from inside and out
I have trapped my children in me for a better life.
Fishes and gills rise to the top of face like dead picture…

When and why was the Mashapaug Commons plaza built? What did it replace? What businesses have occupied this plaza?

Mashapaug Pond Community Boating Center.docx
What is the history of the community boating center? When and why was it built? How has it been used?

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