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In the 1930s, a gathering of several indigenous groups (Narragansett, Nip-muck, Wampanoag, Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Misquamicut, Niantic) occurred at Mashapaug Pond. Why did they gather and what was the outcome?

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What is the history of the Murphy-Trainor Memorial Park (dedicated 1994) and the J.T. Owens Park? How and why were they created?

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What is the history of the railroad line that winds along the north and east side of the pond?

When and why was the industrial park built on the northwest edge of the pond? What did it replace?

When and why was the Mashapaug Commons plaza built? What did it replace? What businesses have occupied this plaza?

Mashapaug Pond Community Boating Center.docx
What is the history of the community boating center? When and why was it built? How has it been used?

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Ana Quezada is a board member of the Environmental Justice League of RI, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic and a resident of the Mashapaug Pond area. She describes some of her perceptions of the community’s connection to the pond and…
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