Research papers


Research papers


Students researched and wrote assignments on various topics related to Mashapaug Pond, the Gorham Manufacturing Company, and the Reservoir Triangle neighborhood.


Lucy Boltz
Ora Star Boncore
Hannah Burn
Ria Fulton
Adriana Isaza
Lizzy Landau
Jen Lawrence
Chang Lu
Katharine Mead
Araceli Mendez
Aditi Pinto
Julie Pittman
Maria Quintero
Anya Ventura
Anna Wada
Nate Weisenberg
Sarah Yahm

Collection Items

What is the history of the railroad line that winds along the north and east side of the pond?

When and why was Alvarez High School built on the site? How did local residents respond to the City’s decision to build on this site and what is the response now?

On the east side of the Pond is Crescent Street neighborhood (bounded by Crescent, Adelaide and Reservoir). How has this residential area changed over time, in terms of demographics (owners/renters; occupations of workers; race/ethnic background of…

In what ways have community activists tried to call attention to environmental concerns at the Gorham site?

How did the physical plant of the Gorham Company change over time? When and why did the Gorham manufacturing buildings get demolished?

At the dawn of the twentieth century, the Board of Trade and other boosters of Providence, Rhode Island proclaimed that the city contained the “Five Industrial Wonders of the World” – one of them, the nation’s leading producer of silverware, the…

Did Gorham employees ever unionize? Ever attempt to?

Congregation of the Sons of Israel and David Cemetery sits near the Pond, at 460 Reservoir Avenue. Why is it there? What is the Jewish history of the site?

What is the history of the community boating center? When and why was it built? How has it been used?

When and why was the Ocean State Job Lot plaza built? What did it replace?
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